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Publishing your Web

Once you have created your personal web you're ready to publish  it our server.  Close any open FrontPage Editor pages and make sure your personal site is loaded in the FrontPage Explorer (the page name should have local in parenthesis)

Click File then click  Publish FrontPage Web

A window like this appears, click on More Webs....

FrontPage Montana

The Publish FrontPage Web dialog box is displayed.  Montana FrontPage Microsoft Montana FrontPage Microsoft

            Montana FrontPage domain.gif

Type in the location of your account  (

Click OK.   Your pages will be published.

Possible Publishing Errors:

Error Messages from FrontPage 97 and 98

"The server requested an authentication type not supported by FrontPage"  
"NTLM Authentication Failure".

Error Messages from FrontPage2000

"The password is not accepted."


These errors are commonly caused by not having the Client for Microsoft Networks installed on your computer. It can also be caused by not having Log on to network selected in dialup networking (this option is not selected for normal dialup.) 

Follow the 9 step program below to make sure your personal computer is Microsoft Network Ready. Disconnect from the Internet before making these changes.  If you have a dial-up connection, simply click the connection icon on the bottom right of your computer (two green computers) disconnect and leave this page open while you  make the changes.

  1. Double click on my computer, open control panel, Networks.
  2. If Client for Microsoft Network is not installed, click on add, then click clients, under "Manufacturer" select Microsoft, then select Client for Microsoft Network on the right side. Click  OK and return to the configuration tab of Network. .
  3. Make sure that the Primary Network Logon is "Client for Microsoft Networks"
  4. Click Ok, (You will most likely need to have your Windows 95/98 CD handy as the computer copies files) the computer will want to restart, click NO at this time (we will reboot in step 9).
  5. Go into your dialup networking (my computer, dial-up networking), and right click on the connection you use.
  6. Select properties.
  7. Click on the Server Type tab (or button on earlier Win95 systems).
  8. Check "Log onto Network"
  9. Then click ok all the way out. Close any open windows and save your data. Reboot, and try it out.

Once your site has been published, you should open to that site for any modifications. The FrontPage Editor was designed to work with existing pages in an "off line mode".  For safety reasons you have to "Save" any changes you make to your pages before the changes will be visible on the web; thus, if you mess everything up, simply exit the FrontPage Editor without saving the changes and start again. 

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